Single Origin Gift Box

Perfect for: THE* coffee expert or Single Origin lover 🧑‍💻

This gift box is perfect for the coffee expert, who's also most likely a Single Origin connoisseur.

Why Single Origin? Single origin coffee refers to beans that come from a specific country or region, offering clarity in tasting notes and a distinct flavor profile that is easily discernible. The importance of single origin lies in its ability to eliminate extraneous flavors, providing a clear representation of the unique characteristics inherent to a particular area. This focus on a singular source enhances the overall tasting experience by delivering heightened clarity and a more refined taste.

Includes a prepackaged box of: three (3) 4 oz. bags, one each of our exclusive single origin coffees: Natural Uganda, Natural Burundi, and Black Honey Costa Rica.

Natural Uganda: light roast, with notes of pomegranate, cacao nibs, & early grey, Uganda origin
Natural Burundi: light roast, with notes of apricot & almond, Burundi origin
Black Honey Costa Rica: light roast, with notes of black cherry, mulberry, & pink peppercorn, Costa Rica origin
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