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Get any of our loose leaf teas for your event!

Try our:
-English Breakfast (Black): Select broken teas from Assam and Sumatra form the basis for an extremely yielding quality which is strongly reminiscent of east Frisian blends. It presents a marvelously dark infusion with a malty spiciness, which is at its best when slightly sweetened with a dash of milk or cream.

-Earl Grey (Black): Pure Chinese tea lightly flavored with fine bergamot oil. This additional fragrance, which was provided by the Chinese, was intended to protect the tea from the taste of mould and tar which could arise from the long voyage at sea to royal England. Thus this tea received its name, and, still today, Earl Grey is the embodiment of the finest English tea.

-Temple of Heaven (Green): This classic tea is dried in rolling drums. The constant rotation gives the tea its spherical form. Temple of Heaven tea features a very tightly rolled ball, which is also a sign of quality. The aroma is softer than that of the standard quality and less bitter.

-Goji Berry (Green): Gojiberry, blueberry, and pomegranate flavors play the lead rolls in this green tea master piece. Allow yourself to be thrilled to the last sip: hot or chilled on the rocks a must-have this season.

-Roasted Almond (Herbal): An Acid-free base is embossed by the high portion of sweet apple pieces and its red color nuance comes from the added beetroot. The flavor note is determined by the tempting, sweet, roasted, caramelized almonds.

-Cloud Catcher (Herbal): This extremely accomplished and decorative creation will certainly add a shine to your tea assortment and will light up your corner of pleasure. The acid-freeblend is supported by freeze-dried kiwi and sour cherry pieces. This fine, regal blend is further enhanced by juicy cranberry slices. Crunchy coconut flakes give you an insight into the secret of sunny flavor offered by this blend.

-Peppermint (Herbal): The wild growing peppermint, one of innumerable mint varieties, can only be found in Central and Southern Europe. It is cultivated in the entire European and Northern African area today. Peppermint has a pure, refreshing, menthol like character.

-Chamomile (Herbal): Being mild and caffeine free, this dried blossom makes a very appropriate drink in every season. The product is very even, small pieces have been sorted out by handpicking. The larger and optically more conspicuous Roman chamomile has a similar taste but is preferred for decoration purposes.

We supply all our catering beverages re-useable insulated carafes to ensure the perfect temperature for your treat! All carafes must be returned within 48 hours of pick up.

All catering orders larger than a 15 carafe are coordinated through the Workshop Location (617 N York Rd). Travel and 15 cup carafe sizes may be ordered for pick up at all three locations.

Please keep in mind, after ordering your catering items. We will call to confirm your date and pick up time. All catering orders must have pick up times within our open hours :

Monday- Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday- Sunday 8am-6pm

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