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Transfigure Coffee

Regular price$18.00

Origin: Costa Rica + Mexico
Roast: Medium
Cup: Euphoria, Joy, Pride, Nutty, Caramel, & Smooth

Name of Organization: Transfigure Print Co.

This month, we’ve partnered with Transfigure Print Co. for an extra special coffee.

Transfigure Print Co. is a Trans and Queer owned print shop that specializes in LGBTQ+ inclusive screen-printed apparel. Their mission is to provide the LGBTQ+ community with products and services that feel authentic and affirming, offering secure fundraising opportunities for gender affirming care, and effective means to raise awareness. They also offer custom screen-printing services for both local and out-of-state individuals and businesses.

To celebrate pride month, Brewpoint will be donating $2 per bag to Transfigure Print Co. throughout the month of June.

Discounts used on this product will result in a reduction in donation.

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