Local Activism Campaign

Local Activism Campaign - Brewpoint Coffee

We have always considered coffee as a means to support and affect the community around us; today that resonates more than it ever has before. 🌎

Our mission statement: Build a better world through coffee. This means looking at the internal and external structures that impact our community on an environmental, economical and social level. We take all of these categories seriously, but right now we are intentional about focusing on the social aspect.

Next week, we are launching a new campaign to highlight local activism:
🌱 Grassroots for the Greater Good 🌱 And we need your help!

We would love to feature those in our community who have taken part in things like rallies, car parades, census support, voting, and any civic related activities. 👉🏽 Please message us any pictures or stories! 👈🏽 We want to get to know you and how you help.

Next week, we hope that you'll follow along to gain both knowledge and resources.

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