Good coffee is everywhere. Why Brewpoint?

Our Story

Ever look on Craigslist for an espresso machine only to buy a coffee shop instead? That is the story of Brewpoint Coffee. We are 100% woman & minority owned and certified.

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Our Mission

We seek to build a more equitable and inclusive world in all that we do. Starting with our farms in Costa Rica, to the culture we create for the Brewpoint team, and culminating in the experience for our customers.

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Our Coffees

Mission & story are only part of what makes us special. Our products speak for themselves. We offer award winning coffees, everyday coffees, and even, unique infused coffees to meet every need.

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Our infused coffees will take you


Because the taste of coffee should never have a bedtime. That’s where our line of CBD-infused coffees come in. Our Over the Moon line fits perfectly into your morning, noon, and nightly routines. While our caffeinated NEW MOON coffee offers the ideal balanced boost between calm & energizing, our decaffeinated FULL MOON coffee offers a soothing end to a full day.

Our Cafes

Brewpoint Coffee houses four cafes throughout the Chicagoland suburbs. Be sure to check if a location is a Brewpoint Coffee shop (coffee focus) or a Brewpoint Craft shop (coffee, cocktails & charcuterie).

Our Events

Looking for the perfect space for your special event? If you are in the Chicagoland suburbs, why not try a unique space that used to be a truck dock? Our Brewpoint Roastery is part cafe/part coffee roastery ideal for any event.

Our Services

We are more than a coffee shop. We offer both B2C and B2B coffee services for every coffee need.