We are hiring!

Want to be a part of a rapidly growing coffee company? Brewpoint Coffee is now hiring for all our locations!

Rent a Creative Space.

Why Brewpoint?

We love hosting!
Let us help you share your passion, host a party, or facilitate a meeting. We rent our charmingly intimate garden room at the Founder's Cafe, our spacious event room at the Workshop, and even our whole Workshop space for large events!
Full Workshop Space
Perfect for large meetings, parties, and special moments. 

617 N York Rd. Elmhurst, IL
Up to 100 people

Available Saturday 5PM to 12PM $2000 
Available Sunday 5PM to 12PM $1750 
Workshop Event Room
Perfect for medium sized meetings, parties, and special moments.

617 N York Rd. Elmhurst, IL
Up to 50 people

Weekdays available 7AM to 9PM, $100/hr
Weekends (Friday-Sunday) available 8AM to 6PM, $125/hr
Founders Event Room
Perfect for intimate meetings and get togethers.

124 W Park Ave. Elmhurst, IL
Up to 15 people

Weekdays available 6AM to 9PM, $30/hr
Weekends (Friday-Sunday) available 7AM to 6/8PM, $50/hr
Founders Double Room
Perfect for small parties, meetings, and get togethers.

124 W Park Ave. Elmhurst, IL
Up to 25 people

Weekdays available 6AM to 9PM, $50/hr
Weekends (Friday-Sunday) available 7AM to 6/8PM, $75/hr

Interested in Renting a Creative Space?

Send the following to
  • Which one of our spaces you are interested in renting?
  • Time / Date (please including set up and clean up time)
  • Tell us a bit about the event you want to host- How many people will be coming? Are you interested in any of our preferred vendors for catering? Will you need to do an open tab for you or your guests? Let us know so we can be prepared!

Q & A

Q: What type of events can Brewpoint host?
A: We can host any number of events, from birthday parties, baby showers, corporate meetings, and even wedding receptions!

Q: Can we have alcohol at our event?
A: If you have a licensed bartender (city of Elmhurst approved) serving, you may have alcohol at your event. Ask about our recommended partners to find the right fit for your event.

Q: Does Brewpoint have extra chairs or tables?
A: All the furniture we have is out in our space. If you are looking for more furniture or decorations our vendors will be able to provide you with a large assortment of options.

Q: Are there any discounts for non-profits?
A: If you are a verified non-profit, your rental is 30% off! No additional discounts may be used.
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