The Brewpoint Story

When I first graduated from college and started working in the corporate world, I felt like something was missing. Call it fate but at the same time, I ended up meeting Angelo, my now husband. Angelo encouraged me to take a leap, find my purpose, and take a chance. That’s when when I discovered my love for coffee and the idea of opening a coffee shop.

To me, coffee shops have always been more than a place to simply grab a cup of coffee and go. They're a place to build community, to connect with others over a delicious cup of coffee, and a place of comfort. That's how Brewpoint Coffee was born.

One day, as I was browsing Craigslist for an espresso machine, I stumbled upon a coffee shop that was selling an espresso machine along with the entire space for a shop. Angelo and I decided it was a bit too good to not check out. With little money and no detailed business plan or prior experience, we opened the first Brewpoint Coffee shop, Brewpoint Founders Café, in September 2014.

Since then, Brewpoint Coffee has grown into a thriving coffee business with four coffee shops, a coffee roastery, and a premier event space. Truly, Brewpoint is not just a business to us. It’s a platform and ecosystem for building the world we want to see.

At Brewpoint Coffee, we're passionate about sourcing the highest quality coffee beans and roasting them to perfection. We're committed to creating a welcoming space where everyone feels at home, where they can come together, and where they can experience the passion and love that goes into every cup of coffee.

If you're a coffee lover looking for a place to connect with others over great coffee, we invite you to join the Brewpoint Coffee community. Visit one of our four coffee shops or check out our book, Starting and Running a Coffee Shop, to learn more about our story and our commitment to coffee and community.

Melissa Villanueva, Founder & CEO

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To build an equitable and inclusive world through coffee.

Vision: To be a nationally known specialty coffee brand that showcases its success through equitable collaborations; culminating in a coffee brand that offers a support system for other black, brown and women owned specialty coffee businesses.

Our Values

Curiosity, empathy, and diversity is our way of making sure we are valuing the people in our ecosystem by taking a step back to listen and gain further context to ensure we are looking at our own growth before criticizing others. The value of community reinforces that the decisions and stances we take are not just about us, but a reminder that we are a part of a global community. We take responsibility when we need to improve as a company to be equitable and inclusive for our community; and we collaborate with others as much as we can to build the world we jointly want to see.