The Brewpoint Story

Ever look on Craigslist for an espresso machine only
to buy a coffee shop instead? That is the story of Brewpoint Coffee. Back in
2013, I (Melissa Villanueva) was working in the corporate world doing a job
that just checked all the boxes for success out of college. During this time, I
felt something still wasn’t aligned. When I met my now husband, Angelo, he
encouraged me to take a leap and follow the dreams I had for myself.

Soon after, I caught the vision to open a coffee shop because I believe that coffee
shops are a great way to build up a true community. The first week of business planning, I looked on Craigslist for an espresso machine and found a coffee shop that
seemed too good to be true. With my boyfriend at the time, we visited and
realized it was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. In September 2014,
we opened what is now Brewpoint Founders Café. Although we barely had a
business plan or finances, we were dedicated to getting better every day. Fast
forward nearly eight years later… we now have a robust coffee company, four
coffee shops, a coffee roastery, a premier event space, and a book called
Starting and Running a Coffee Shop. Brewpoint is not just a business, it has
become our platform for and an ecosystem to build the world that we want to see.

-Melissa Garcia Villanueva Founder & CEO of Brewpoint Coffee

Our Core Values and Beliefs

The things that make us tick the most are diversity, thoughtfulness, respect, growth, kindness, and engagement. We strongly believe that it is important to be present and have your own voice while also making the world a better place. We also believe that all people, no matter what categories, have immense worth and dignity. Different backgrounds and perspectives
add to our creativity and success. We are committed to respecting our policies, employees, managers, and customers. We are sure to reflect on our actions and
intentions to make sure they stick to these values. With all of this, Brewpoint continues to get a little better every day.