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Signature Drink Name Changes - Brewpoint Coffee
When we first began, Brewpoint was themed around travel and exploration. This is how we named our Signature drinks. However, a number of these names didn't acknowledge the historical legacy, culture and, in many cases, harm that these people did. It is important to us that every aspect of our business reflects thoughtfulness towards all races, cultures, religions, etc. and strives toward an inclusive environment as much as possible.

With that said, we are excited for the opportunity to change our drink names! They now more closely align with the naming convention that we use for our coffee bags: combining words used in creative and scientific fields. This change starts September 1st, so check it out!

🧭 Bartolome -> Borealis (nutty & sweet)
Meaning "north", often used when referring to the Aurora Borealis
✨ Amelia Earhart -> Pirouette (honey & cinnamon)
A classic ballet term meaning to "spin"
🖋️ Lewis & Clark -> Poetry & Prose (vanilla & praline)
Prose poetry is used to describe poetry written in paragraph form with a focus on meter and descriptive imagery
🗺️ Marco Polo -> Atlas (mocha & caramel)
An atlas is a collection of maps; it is typically a bundle of maps of the Earth or a region of Earth, presenting geographic features and political boundaries
🎼 Sacagawea -> Adagio (spicy mocha)
A slow tempo used in musical terminology
🌎 Lumberjack -> Equinox (smoked maple)
An equinox is an event in which a planet's subsolar point passes through its Equator

(Vespucci will now be a recurring fall seasonal drink and you can order it year round even though it won't be on the menu boards anymore)
We know it will take some time to learn these new names. So don't worry we'll still get you your favorite drinks even as you learn the new names!

Here's all of our celebratory 6 year anniversary discounts:
💫 September 1st-30th: 25% off all half gallon Signature Drinks
💫 September 1st-15th: 25% off Equinox, Adagio, and Pirouette
💫 September 16th-30th: 25% off Borealis, Poetry & Prose, and Atlas
💫 Free equivalent sticker with each order!

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