Switching Our POS System to Dripos

Switching Our POS System to Dripos - Brewpoint Coffee

We’ve got some exciting news.

We’ve switched over our Point of Sale system from Square to Dripos.

Here’s why:

🔹 Made Just for Us: Dripos is tailor-made for coffee shops like ours.

🔹 24/7 Support: With Dripos, we've got support around the clock, and tons of less outages, which means less hiccups when you need your caffeine fix.

🔹 Brewpoint App: We're stoked to introduce our very own Brewpoint app. It's your one-stop-shop for ordering ahead, and features more options for promotions, loyalty, and coupons.

Download it now by searching "Brewpoint Coffee" in your App Store.

Apple users, click here to download.

Android users, click here to download.

Click here for our online ordering portal.

🔹 We’re officially saying goodbye to the Joe App, since we now have our own app.

🔹 Flexibility: With Dripos, we can tweak stuff in real-time and create custom software changes with their team of engineers.

🔹 Birthday Reward: Text START to 1 (855) 697-3110 to add your birthday and get $5 off as our gift to you.

🔹 Rewards + Gift Cards have all been switched over. 

We did make a small tweak

Previous Reward Points: Earn 1 point for ever $3 spent

10 points = $2 Off

15 points = $5 off

20 points = $7.50 off 

Converted New Rewards System: Earn 1 Point For Every $1 Spent

30 points = $2 off

45 points = $5 off

60 points = $7.50 off

We've been gearing up for this switch for the past three months, making sure we have a seamless transition. If you've got any questions, email us at info@brewpointcoffee.com and we'll be able to assist you.

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