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Takeaways from this 2018 report
-Lattes take the caffeinated cake
-Alternative milks growth accelerates
-Cold brew chills iced coffee sales
Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel
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Coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. It is a professional practice but can be done informally by anyone or by professionals known as Q Graders.
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Brewpoint Coffee Recipes

Covering the basics

Pour overs and other slow bar options allow a home barista to use their skill and technique to highlight the coffees flavor profile and create a complex cup.

It also allows for customizability. A pour over gives the barista complete control over the entire brewing process, allowing for a more customizable cup of coffee.

Consistency is key - It is important that we remain consistent during every step of the brewing and pre-brewing process. As mentioned, a pour over is a great way to highlight the flavor profile of the coffee, but creating a consistently interesting and complex cup of coffee requires consistent technique.

Tips for the brewing process:
Using the same dose of coffee.
Using the same temperature water.
Grinding the coffee just prior to brewing.
Blooming the coffee for the same amount of time each brew.
Pouring with the same technique and pattern.

Acrobat Blend
The Aeropress is a single cup brewing method.

What do you need?
-Aeropress and filter
-Brewpoint Acrobat Blend
-Your favorite coffee vessel

1. Fill the kettle with water and heat.
2. Place filter in aeropress.
3. Measure 4g of Acrobat coffee.
4. Purge the Encore grinder.
5. Pour hot water over the filter (filter should be completely wet). 
6. Grind for espresso.
7. Place Aeropress with filter on scale and tare scale.
8. Add 4g of medium-fine ground coffee to your AeroPress. Tare scale again.
9. Pour 200g of water.
10. Allow 25 seconds of bloom.
11. Stir 3 times. 
12. Wait 1 minute.
13. Plunge slowly.
14. Pour into the desired vessel and serve.

Pour Over
Naranjo, Costa Rica
Sugar Plum Dancer Blend
Acrobat Blend
The V60 is a single cup, cone shaped, pour over brewing method.

What do you need?
-V60 and Filter
-Glass Carafe
-Your favorite Brewpoint Coffee
-Your favorite coffee vessel 

1. Fill the kettle with water and heat to 205°F  (use 365g of water).
2. Measure 22g of whole bean coffee, and after purging your grinder of residual grounds, grind on a medium-fine setting.
3. Place glass carafe on scale, top with V60 and a filter, and generously wet filter with hot water. Allow to drain.
4. Empty glass carafe of water. Then place carafe, V60 and filter on scale and tare scale.
5. Add 22g of ground coffee to V60. Tap sides of V60 to level grounds. Tare scale again.
6. Take kettle and timer and prepare to start timer as soon as you begin pouring into the V60.
7. Quickly pour 65g of water over all grounds, in a circular motion; this is considered a “bloom” pour.  ALL coffee should be wet after the bloom pour. Let bloom for 45 seconds.
8. After 45 seconds, pour 160g of water at a fast pace, in a circular motion, from the center out.
9. At 1 minute and 15 seconds, pour 140g of water at a medium pace, again in a circular motion.
10. After each pour, allow the V60 to drain then begin the next pour.
11. After the final pour allow the V60 to drain completely, which should be after about another minute and a half.  Once complete, you should be left with a level brew bed.
12. Remove V60 from carafe and dispose of the grounds and filter. Pour the carafe into the desired vessel and serve.

French Press
Stargazer Blend
Illusionist Blend
The French Press (FP) is a full immersion brewing method.

What do you need?
-French Press
-Brewpoint Stargazer or Illusionist Blend
-Your favorite coffee vessel 

1. Fill kettle with at least 700g of water and heat to 205°F
2. Measure 40g of whole bean coffee, and, after purging your grinder of residual grounds, grind coarsely
3. Place press on scale and tare
4. Add 40g of ground coffee to the empty press and tare again
5. Take kettle and timer, and prepare to start the timer as you being to pour
6. Begin pouring in a circular motion, occasionally rotating the press to guarantee that all the grounds are sufficiently wet
7. Pour until the scale reads 650g. Place top on, but don’t plunge
8. Wait until timer reads 4:00, then plunge and pour into desired vessel

This recipe yields about 24oz of coffee.