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Why Brewpoint?

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Dedicated Direct Trade Roaster

Over 50% of our coffees are direct payments to the farmers. The majority of the small farms we work with are able to create a sustainable business to ensure a secure livelihood. Any coffees that are not direct, we donate (per pound) to World Coffee Research to fight against the impacts of global warming on coffee farms. 
Committed to $2 over Fair Trade prices

Fair Trade standards are $1.40/pound for green coffee. Fair Trade standards have needed to evolve especially due to global warming and the pandemic. For the first time, commodity coffee is now above Fair Trade prices hovering around $2/green pound. In an effort to be mindful to our coffee partners we pay between $3-7/green pound.
Brewpoint is an award-winning AAPI/women-owned business

We aim for quality and equity in all that we do. Melissa Villanueva is the owner of Brewpoint Coffee. What started as an exploration to buy an espresso machine turned into buying a coffee shop. From there the coffee shop turned into a coffee company with 4 cafes and a coffee roastery. Our goal is to get a little bit better every day.