People and Planet First

Starting February 1st there will be a slight price increase to your regular coffee drinks. We could say that this is because of new minimum wage increases, credit card rate increases, or any of the many increased costs that come with running a business; but the truth is that good coffee and great baristas deserve better.

At Brewpoint we are working toward:
  • Paying our staff above new minimum wage requirements and building towards a living wage.
  • Paying our farmers $1 more per pound than what Fair Trade standards require.
  • Donating 1% of all our green coffee purchases to World Coffee Research to combat climate change and invest in the sustainability of specialty coffee.
  • Choosing environmentally thoughtful products even if it's more expensive, because only prioritizing price often causes harm to our planet.

Our staff, our farmers, and our planet deserves better. Partner with us as strive to build an ecosystem that puts people and planet first.

Our commitment to our team

Not only do we want want to grow with the new minimum wage increase, but we want to do better than that because our staff works hard to provide a top notch coffee experience. Our plan is to go from $9/hr to $12/hr (base pay not including tips) in the next 3 years.

Our commitment to the environment

It's hard as individuals, let alone a business, to not feel paralyzed in everything that needs to be done to combat global warming. That is why we are setting goals for ourselves. Brewpoint is committed to change one thing per quarter that prioritizes our world's well-being first and foremost. This quarter will be our tumbler initiative. Stay tuned for details!

Our commitment to our coffee

We are excited to launch a partnership with World Coffee Research as they endeavor to combat the larger issues that the specialty coffee world faces. Starting NOW 1% of every coffee Brewpoint purchases will go to support WCR's efforts to create sustainable and innovative agricultural practices. Why choose Brewpoint? Because your dollar supports a system that puts people and planet first.