Starting & Running a Coffee Shop

"Your personal, first-hand introduction to each phase of the start-up. ... From what to serve to how to serve it, you and your employees are given a script so that everyone is on the same page!"

-Harry Ryan, Master roaster and owner of Ryan Bros. Coffee, San Diego, California

The real world wisdom in Starting and Running a Coffee Shop will help you get your dream off the ground. In it you get:

-Expert advice on selecting the best coffee beans, teas, and cafe treats to cultivate the ultimate menu for every type of customer.

-Foolproof methods for tracking sales, expenses, and inventory.

-Straightforward suggestions on developing effective advertising and marketing strategies.

-Helpful tips on negotiating contracts with suppliers and interviewing potential employees.

"I know that when I started Brewpoint Coffee I had so many questions and felt completely ill-equipped to take on such a big endeavor. But at the end of the day, going from dreaming about opening a coffee shop to actually owning one just takes one big, daring terrifying leap (and of course, a bajillon tiny steps after that). With everything I have learned, I hope to demystify that first big step so that we have more creative thoughtful entrepreneurs out there in the world."

- Melissa Villanueva