Discontinuing the Brewpoint App

Discontinuing the Brewpoint App - Brewpoint Coffee
When the start of the pandemic happened, we scrambled to find all the different ways that we could make the customer experience easier. 

We added a number of new ways of ordering: over the phone, through a walk up window, an app, and online ordering through our website. After feedback, we have decided that we will be discontinuing our Brewpoint app some time this Spring.

Why are we discontinuing the app?

In the spirit of transparency, there are a number of reasons why we are discontinuing the app:

  • Customer Experience: lack of ability to change wait times, add loyalty, and internally address app issues in a timely manner for our customers.
  • Cost: With all our other new ways of ordering, we have more costs than ever before incurring just to process orders. The app is viewed as the largest unnecessary expense. 
  • Other options: Customers ordering on brewpointordering.com have everything they need in regards to seamless loyalty integration. But we want to make sure we are still giving you options SO...

Here's the good news, we will now be on the Joe App starting this week! In order to thank you for all your support in using our current app we are offering the promo code "APP2JOE" for a free drink ONLY for current Brewpoint App users. 

Joe app is great if you are a specialty coffee lover and you frequent multiple coffee shops. Joe App provides its own loyalty, marketing, and deals so you can enjoy not only Brewpoint Coffee, but support all of us in the industry seamlessly!


With the transition to the Joe app away from our internal Brewpoint app, we wanted to clarify a bit about our loyalty programs. 💸 We will now have two different, separate types of loyalty points. 💯

▶️ Internal: This is through our in-house software, which you use when you order ahead at brewpointordering.com and in our cafes at the register. For every $3 spent, you earn one point!
10 points = $2 off your order
15 points = $5 off your order
20 points = $7.50 off your order

▶️ External: With the Joe app, you'll be able to earn points specifically through this app. It is perfect if you like to frequent a variety of coffee shops. The loyalty points work just like a punch card (buy 10, get the 11th free) BUT your purchases are not confined to only one shop. You can frequent a number of coffee shops to build up your loyalty!

These points cannot be mixed together in any way, so if you want to maximize your ability to earn free coffee, make sure to stick to one way of ordering your drinks. ☕ We're happy to be able to provide multiple ways of ordering, so that you can make the choice that works best for you.

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