Lexicon Cafe Temporarily Closed

Lexicon Cafe Temporarily Closed - Brewpoint Coffee

Brewpoint’s Lexicon Cafe is temporarily closed alongside the Elmhurst Public Library.
As a small business during these times we need to roll with the punches and adapt in order to survive and continue serving our community the best way possible. With that said, we are excited to launch:
-Pre-order is NOW AVAILABLE through the Brewpoint App! Download the app TODAY, and start getting your favorite drinks with less time in shop (better social distancing!)

-Be on the look out for Brewpoint care packages (starting Monday)! We are officially offering Brewpoint care packages on our website with FREE DELIVERY. Packages consist of two 8oz bags of Brewpoint Coffee, your choice of non-dairy milk, and a bottle of syrup for $35 (with free local delivery*)
If I can take a second to be as transparent as I can be, I am faced with the impossible decision between the health & well-being of my team/community versus our collective financial well-being. If I knew what the future holds, this would be a much easier decision but with the small margins our industry has; our priority is keeping a thriving business while encouraging social distancing and public health.

In the mean time, Founders and Workshop are fully open and we are doing all we can to keep a clean and conscientious environment. Know that every intentional purchase during this time to small businesses is what helps us make it through this difficult season (including buying gift cards for later purchases and tipping our team for their exceptional service)! All your care and support means the world to us. Seriously, take this as a big digital hug for all that YOU do to make Brewpoint possible, we truly are grateful!
-Melissa, Angelo and the Brewpoint team

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