Top 5 great things that happened today

Top 5 great things that happened today - Brewpoint Coffee

Are you the type that likes good news or bad news first? Either way...

Bad news is that you will most likely see more typos, worse grammar, and definitely not as good picture quality on our social media. This is because our benevolent social media manager, Elisabeth, has graciously stepped back in order to help Brewpoint save every penny we can during these next couple of weeks (seriously, she is awesome). Which means that you are stuck me (Melissa the owner).

The GOOD NEWS is that you will get more of the unfiltered experience of what is going on from the perspective of a small business owner in Elmhurst, IL. This may be more of a personal perspective than what we are used to on the Brewpoint account, but unprecedented times calls for unprecedented measures, so here we are.

With that said, I want to do a countdown of 5 awesome things that happened today (see photos):

5) Brewpoint got TAGGED at Founders. Okay, so it's not real graffiti. But it's so cute and it brightened our day. Please don't take this as an invitation to actually tag us. Our landlords would not be happy.

4) Got to the polling place (because, you know, VOTING DAY), and the volunteer commented on how she was craving a Brewpoint Angelo and I came back with drinks for the whole volunteer crew. It feels good to be able to contribute the little bits we can, but it is nothing compared to what the volunteers are doing today. Those of you who are volunteering at polling places today, you are amazing, and we truly appreciate your service!

3) We started a #MutualAid slack channel at Brewpoint and our staff are re-introducing themselves in terms of what we can offer one another in this time of need. If there is anything that is filling my heart at this point, it's these great individuals. From the looks of it, we should be starting some digital dance and yoga classes amongst us.

2) For every shift at Brewpoint we have what's called "shift notes". This is purely to update the next shift on operations, but lately our team has been documenting their experiences with customers and I can say that every post has been infused with hope because of our customer experiences. For all of you reaching out to me and the team telling us how much Brewpoint means to you, seriously, THANK YOU.

1) My number one favorite thing was getting an email from our loan provider Accion Serving Illinois & Indiana telling us they will defer 90% of our loan for the next three months. Jessy Woolsey (our birthday girl and business manager) and I essentially did a digital happy dance when we got the news. Things like this have to happen in order for small businesses to survive. If you are a small business owner with loans, feel free to reach out to me for a copy of the Accion email in order to tell your banks that this is the RIGHT THING to do.

All this to say, thank you to the Brewpoint community for making what we do possible!

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