What should customer service look like in the midst of a pandemic?

What should customer service look like in the midst of a pandemic? - Brewpoint Coffee
What should customer service look like in the midst of a pandemic?

Angelo and I (Melissa) have always thought the philosophy "the customer is always right" doesn't make much sense. We're more of a, "treat people with dignity and respect and to go above and beyond as much as we can" type of business. And this applies to both our customers and our staff.

Now that we are in a pandemic, I find myself feeling so much for those essential workers that are carrying the weight of their job and the strain that often comes with a customer facing role. Customer's are stressed. They're trying to figure out how to navigate this new normal. But too often it comes at the price of forgetting those on the other side of the counter are people too.

This isn't just about Brewpoint. I recognize our business isn't perfect. And that there are a lot of operations that we can still improve. But I see a need for us (including myself) to make a wider commitment to compassion and understanding for the people that are serving us during these tough times.
What is it like to be an essential worker right now?
-It's learning and stumbling through a whole new set of operations at work. Operations that tend to change week to week.
-It's sacrificing the ability to see our families because we don't want them to get sick.
-It's facing judgement from others that we are working even though we need the money. -It's knowing that you're taking a risk by working around others and the stress that comes when they do not take safety seriously.
-It's being yelled at, blamed, belittled, for things that we don't control.
Can we make a promise to one another?

I promise to make Brewpoint better everyday. Make it so our technology gets better, our operations get better, and even make our drinks better. With that, I am equally committed to making sure that my team is getting treated with dignity and respect. They are so deserving of it, especially right now. So in turn, let's be the best customers we can be to those serving us. Let's wear masks at their establishments. Let's treat them kindly even if systems are confusing. Let's commit to not just #keepitlocal but as much as we can #keepitkind.

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