Episode Three of “Brewpoint Coffee Podcast: Unfiltered!"

Episode Three of “Brewpoint Coffee Podcast: Unfiltered!" - Brewpoint Coffee

Our newest podcast episode is extra official considering...we recorded a jingle! 

If you joined our discussion about the state of the service industry in “Reimagine Hospitality Part One & Part Two,” you hopefully left feeling entertained and positive. Maybe you even discovered a newfound curiosity about your own service industry interactions. If you finished those episodes with an unquenched curiosity and you feel like there's more ground to cover, look no further! We recorded another episode.


This week, we dive even deeper into “Reimagining Hospitality” with personal stories and takes hotter than your 160 degree latte. We specifically address the way Brewpoint responds to non-constructive criticism and the difference between inquiring and accusing as a consumer. At the end of the day, who do we feel we are accountable to as business owners, service industry workers, and consumers? How can service industry workers be humanized as a base line norm? Is Yelp a bad thing? 

You can call it a podcast or a broadcasted therapy session, but it’s really an invitation to be a part of Brewpoint's growth and to hopefully bring more positivity and empathy to our shared experiences in spaces like coffee shops and restaurants. 

We would love to hear what you thought about this podcast and topics of interest for future episodes. Let’s carry on the conversation on our Instagram posts, or even send us a DM! (@brewpointcoffee).

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