Brewpoint Lexicon Cafe is now open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm!

Brewpoint is now BAKING!

Today for our Brew Crew feature we're talking to Mike, who is spearheading our newest SUPER exciting endeavor. This weekend, we are launching our menu for in-house exclusive baked goods! 🍩🍪🧁
👉🏽 New York Chocolate Chip Cookies
👉🏽 Cinnamon Rolls
👉🏽 Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts
👉🏽 Orange Scones
✨ What inspired the pastry menu you created for Brewpoint?
I was inspired by thinking about what we had already been offering that had been a hit and giving a little update. I decided to stick with what customers are familiar with and continuing to offer scones and donuts. The orange scone has new flavor profile with some nice zest. Both have always been pretty popular here.
✨ Do you have previous experience in baking or cooking?
I have no formal cooking/baking experience, but I do have quite a bit of experience just as a hobby. I’ve read a lot on the topics of cooking/baking, and have made sure to try out what I’ve read. The best way to learn how to cook is to physically do it. I really enjoy doing this and I hope that everyone enjoys the offerings we will have!
✨ What is your process for creating the recipes?
For creating the recipes, I have a solid base recipe that I have used from a cook/recipe book then make minor tweaks. With the chocolate chip cookie, I read an article years back about using both bread flour and cake flour. Through trial and error, this is the end product. The bread flour gives the cookie a bit of the crunch, however it still has a soft center.
✨ What is your favorite thing to bake?
My favorite thing to bake are cupcakes. I really enjoy being able to pipe designs for the frosting. It’s also fun trying to pack a bunch of flavor into a handheld dessert and seeing what works. I’ve done a handful of cupcakes based off of cocktails; my favorite was mimosa. Yes, the cupcake and frosting had champagne. I do really enjoy also baking bread and bake a few different style breads at home.
. ✨ Lastly, what Pokémon are you?
I would have to say Growlithe.
Ready to get your hands on these new baked goods? 😍 We hope to see you at Founders or Workshop this weekend! Let Mike know what you think in the comments below. 🙌🏽
📸: @jony_tanase
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